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Our Approach

Who We Are

We are a full service electrical contracting company servicing the entire GTA area.

We have been in business since 2001 with over 25 years experience in the electrical field.

We are members of the Electrical Safety Authority’s “Authorized Contractor Program” (ACP). This is a program that the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) has to recognize and acknowledge contractors who have a history of doing proper electrical installations and repairs according to the Electrical Safety Code. Information on the ESA is available for business and for the general public online at:  http://www.esasafe.com/

For a contractor to get on this program, he/she must be fully licensed, according to provincial regulations and have the proper liability insurance as well as the appropriate Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage.

All contractors have to go through training and a trial period where their work is reviewed by the ESA before they can be admitted to this program as ACP contractors.

The benefit for the customers of this program is that they get trained and licensed technicians working on their homes or businesses and any ‘down time’ is greatly reduced

We are a registered, as required by provincial legislation, with the Electrical Contractor Registration Agency of the Electrical Safety Authority ECRA/ESA as a Licensed Electrical Contractor

Licence  # 7004068


Our Story

How We Can Help

We offer residential and commercial work, professionally done at reasonable prices and above all a safe installation. Your home is the most important investment you can ever make and it contains the most valuable things in the world, YOUR FAMILY. Don’t take a chance that may end up hurting any of this by getting work done by unqualified persons.

Your business is the source of your income and as such has to be operational and safe for you and for your employees. Using the services we offer as an ACP contractor keeps the “down time” to a minimum, which in turn keeps your business running at its full potential.

Many people try doing as much work as they can in their homes by themselves in an effort to save money, which is something we can all understand but for safety reasons electrical work should be left to professionals. Unlike most things electricity cannot be seen or heard which is why it is so dangerous.  If you look at a bunch of wires in a box they all look alike aside from color but if one or more of them is connected to power and is accidentally touched it could be fatal.

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