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Our Services

We offer full electrical services on residential and commercial installations such as:

  • Wiring for new homes
  • Wiring for renovations or additions
  • Service upgrades and alterations
  • Panel changes whether it be fuses to breakers or if you require a larger panel or sub-panel
  • Troubleshooting electrical problems in your home or business
  • Lighting repairs or adding more lighting
  • Adding more receptacles or changing receptacles
  • Potlights, we offer various designs for potlights. A very popular system has a “square within a square”. We install for example 4 potlights in a square around the perimeter of a room and an additional 4 in a square in the center of the room on separate switching. This gives the beauty of potlights without the expense of having all the lights burning at once. You can have the outer set providing general lighting for just relaxing, watching television etc. or if you have company you can turn on all the lights. Add dimmers to this and you have total control of the lighting in that area.
  • Potlights to existing ceilings does not have to mean a big mess and damage to the ceiling to pull new wires. We can install the potlights by installing the wires around the perimeter of the room and installing crown molding to cover the wires
  • Valance (under-counter) lighting
  • Specialty lighting
  • Commercial lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • knob and tube removal and re-wiring

Knob and Tube Wiring

Knob and tube wiring was used in older homes and is still in use in a lot of homes. It is recognizable by the two individual wires running along the joist spaces supported on porcelain “knobs” and going through wood in a porcelain “tube” hence the name knob and tube.

Insurance companies are very hesitant to cover homes with knob and tube wiring because of the fact that there is no ground in this type of system and because the wires are in many cases (NOT ALL) in bad shape due to overloading or other damage. In fact most insurance companies will not insure homes having knob and tube wiring. They will normally give the homeowner a certain time frame to re-wire the home in order to obtain insurance.

Re-wiring homes with knob and tube is a relatively expensive job but what most people do not realize is that the job becomes so expensive because a lot of contractors literally destroy the walls to pull in new wiring. There is no doubt that some damage will occur to the walls and ceilings. It would be impossible to do without some damage but we can do this job with a minimum of damage saving the homeowner a lot of money and mess on the repair work to patch the holes.

As our name implies we also offer a wide range of home services like plumbing, heating and air conditioning and appliance repairs also work performed by licensed professionals at reasonable prices.

As a service to our customers we offer free estimates.

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